Tailor-made modular design

Kriptonite modular bookshelf


3D Configurator

Kriptonite designs versatile aluminum systems that combine design and craftsmanship: modular bookcases that can be wall-mounted or function as free-standing dividers which meet the customization needs of any space. For them, we reviewed the entire 3d designing tool, reorganizing the user experience and organizing the digitalization of business processes.

Modular bookshelf

3D Configurator

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Custom system, diversified experiences

For the redesign of Kryptonite 3d planner we adopted a co-design mode, engaging the client at every step of the way. We started by involving designers and dealers in the analysis of the client’s needs, identifying critical issues in the current flows and gathering some ideas for improvement and about the future. Following this and other info, we were able to build the first wireframe, then moving on to the concept and executive design phase on Figma. The whole system was built through a custom web development process based on a Jamstack / Headless logic: the 3d engine is entrusted to Three.js, the whole frontend is managed through VUE.js as framework, the search system through ALGOLIA, and finally we choose STRAPI as CMS, in order to give the client complete autonomy in managing data, models and technical information. The new configurator adapts to all Kriptonite product models, thus creating differentiated design experiences (particularly on Krossing, a wall-mounted system made simply with aluminum shelves and tubes), automating the configuration process to the max, and handling different case histories and configuration rules. L'intero sistema è stato costruito seguendo uno sviluppo custom basato sulla logica Jamstack / Headless: il motore 3d è affidato a Three.js, tutto il frontend è gestito con VUE.js come framework, il sistema di ricerca tramite ALGOLIA e abbiamo messo a disposizione del cliente STRAPI come CMS, così da renderlo autonomo nella gestione dei dati, modelli e informazioni tecniche. Il nuovo configuratore si adatta ai vari modelli di prodotto creando esperienze diversificate di progettazione (in particolare su Krossing, un sistema a parete realizzato semplicemente con pianetti e tubetti in alluminio), automatizzando al massimo il processo di configurazione e gestendo diverse casistiche e regole di configurazione.

Full automation

In addition to the private individual, Kryptonite 3d configuration system also involves dealers and professionals: for this reason, the focus – besides the experience for the end customer – has been to digitize the business processes, supporting the design phase and creating an automated information flow that can be consistent from the design phase to the creation of the actual order, providing pricing information and managing shared reserved areas.