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Our days are full and bring to this. We know you’ll get to know us better through our work. Each project of ours is custom-made, as a result of the teamwork carried out among the marketing agency and its customers, through skills, creativity and technology.


With whom do we work?

No business is big or small, but every project is great indeed. We are a communication and marketing agency based in Italy that strongly relies on digital outputs and research: our method is constantly updated by new technologies and skills that allow us to provide tailor-made solutions. This leads us to work with a variety of different businesses which keep us curious and enthusiastic about our job.

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Digital diary

What happens inside a communication and marketing agency? We’ll explain inside our not-so-secret diary. Here are insights into marketing, the digital world, design, developing, communication and branding. And then we’ll tell you about our adventures, it’s still a diary, after all.

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Palazzina Creativa is B-Corp Certified

We are proud to be listed among the first Italian agencies in the B Corp community. Our actions and project aim to have a positive impact on an economic system that we wish to be inclusive, equitable, regenerative, and sustainable. But what does it mean to a B Corporation, and what does it entail?

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