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Innovating the experience of the company's main digital touchpoint, focusing on people, content, and high performance: this is the goal of the website we designed for LAGO.


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Dynamic, customized navigation

The entire project was developed in a co-design mode, with full participation of the client during the various stages. Starting from an analysis involving nearly 500 stakeholders (including individuals, architects, and dealers), we identified the client’s needs, the criticalities of the current flows, and all project objectives until we reached the final result through wireframing, concept, design, and development. The browsing experience is thought for individual users, according to precise and defined flows: the paths are also diversified by needs and purchase stages, going all the way up to the qualification (the company's key KPI) or online sales stage.

Integrated and sustainable infrastructure

The designed infrastructure makes full use of Jamstack mode, organizing vertical information silos and arranging system integrations to manage their communication. Within it, DAM, PIM, CRM, CMS communicate with each other and leverage artificial intelligence services to speed user experience and integrations. Serverless systems have reduced bandwidth consumption, costs by up to 70 percent, and CO2 emissions to the environment up to 40%, thus supporting the company on a greener and more sustainable path even at digital points.